Brice Robin / Bild: Reuters

Welcher Teufel reitet eigentlich einen Untersuchungsrichter, ein spekulatives Detail aus einer laufenden Ermittlung zu veröffentlichen? „Es ist davon auszugehen, dass der Copilot bewusst die Zerstörung des Flugzeuges eingeleitet hat“, behauptete Brice Robin von der Staatsanwaltschaft Marseille am Donnerstag. Dieser vorzeitige Glaubenserguß verstieß gegen sämtliche Gepflogenheiten zur Aufklärung von Flugzeugunglücken, wiewohl sich das FS3 auch nicht ganz sicher ist, ob es nicht sogar ein Bruch bestehender Gesetze bedeutete. Viele Piloten äußerten ebenfalls ihren Unmut über diese Vorgangsweise.

In der Diskussionssendung phoenix Runde vom 26.03.2015 „Tragödie um Germanwings Flug 9525“ konnten wir erstmals halbwegs vernünftige Argumente vernehmen, wiewohl die „Psychologin“ in der Runde – Frau Prof. Dr. Isabella Heuser von der Berliner Charité – sich redlich bemühte, ja keinen Verdacht außerhalb der vorgegebenen Veschwörungshypothesen aufkommen zu lassen und krampfhaft versuchte, die Rolle des Diskussionsleiters für sich zu beanspruchen:

Ein klassischer Fall von Projektion, oder doch eher Schübe eines vorauseilenden Protektionismus?

Der Ingenieur und ehemalige Flugkapitän Dr. Ulrich Unger hingegen argumentierte äußerst interessant und logisch nachvollziehbar. Er brachte eine bemerkenswerte Beobachtung in die Diskussion mit ein:

Wie ist es zu erklären, dass der Copilot während der ganzen Zeit (angeblich hörte man seinen Atemzüge) fortgesetzt ruhig atmet, während draußen der Berg immer näher kommt und der Kapitän gegen die Cockpittür hämmert? Es gab auch keinerlei Kursänderungen – die Maschine glitt auf dem vorprogrammierten Pfad beständig gegen den Boden. War Lubitz vielleicht gar bewusstlos?

Oder könnte es sein, dass das Band -welches bislang niemand in der Öffentlichkeit zu hören bekam – einen Fehler im Drehbuch enthielt?  Oder glauben wir Moniseur Staatsanwalt Brice ganz einfach blind? Ist euch eigentlich auch aufgefallen, dass neben ihm Militärs sitzen?

Apropos „Drehbuch“: Der im Herbst vorigen Jahres angelaufene, oscarnominierte argentinische Film „Wild Tales“ (Dt.: „Jeder dreht mal durch“) beschreibt die Geschichte eines Mannes, der sich an seiner untreuen Geliebten und anderen unliebsamen Zeitgenossen seines Lebensweges rächt, indem er als Flugbegleiter am Steuer des Flugzeuges die Cockpittür versperrt und alle seine Bekannten in diesem Flug mit in den Tod reißt. Einer versucht noch mit einem Beil die Tür aufzuschlagen…

euer FS3,
das andere Fern-Seh-Programm.
Denn Nach-Richten war gestern

War on ‘error, Folge 320-3: “Bilder dreier Unterstellungen”

Dies ist der 3.Teil einer laufenden Sendung zum Germanwings Flug 9525.

Immer aktuell! – Ausgewählte
FS3 Meldungen aus aller Welt auf


  1. Dear Farsight & others, in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s an excellent article from 21stCenturyWire, pulling together a lot of the strands concerning BHUAP & its now undeniable employment, from 9/11 onwards:
    SCAPEGOAT: Is Germanwings Pilot Andreas Lubitz Being ‘Framed’ for French Alps Crash?
    April 5, 2015 By Shawn Helton.

    Time to go ‚lamping‘!

    Gefällt mir

  2. Hi, no problem. No problem at all my dearest Farsight!

    I was pretty sure that your post-script (PS) was not a dig at my ineptitude (!), but rather a sort of nota bene (NB) for those with little English understanding, much like my ignorance of German, with all its subtle nuances. Unfortunately, I lose a fair degree in the translation (with Giggle (sic) -must change to a less greedy ‚provider‘ of this service a.s.a.p.), as I suppose do those of your readers obliged to use one of these tools as a necessity.
    If I have not already done so, please understand that, for everybody’s benefit, I purposely leave the English untranslated into German, as I assume that the mangling undergone in the transformation would be just as painful for the cousins reading it on your side of the ‚English‘ channel, as it can be in reverse on this ‚green & pleasant [for some] land‘: ‚Queen Elizabeth II -the largest landowner on Earth‘.


    Peace & love, brothers & sisters, dudes, dudesses & dudettes!

    Gefällt mir

  3. Yes, second BB found & in such difficult terrain that they have to show us the heroic bone-pickers decked out in crampons, those vertiginous rock walls being especially hazardous to traverse.
    I have yet to read the stories on where & how they found this one-off Flight Data Recorder (FDR). Gravity, as on 9/11, must have been especially strong in that area for the pinging mechanism to have failed due to impact speed or they would have found it pronto.
    Also, I understand that the air over those particular range of mountains is particularly thin at this time of year leading to unprecedented air speeds, much like the extra-thin air over Manhattan & the Pentagon in 2001.

    Highest regards from this side of the Channel,

    P.S. I am aware that the cockpit voice-recorder was bogus, that is why I used the word ‚fakery‘ in the first sentence, dear Farsight! I thought I had also backed it up sufficiently with a couple of end paragraphs of English sarcasm. Something lost in translation methinks, slight difference of humour included!

    Gefällt mir

    • Hi,

      thank you – I just wanted to make that point clear for all those readers here who don’t understand too much English! 😉 Another huuuge point, phps. all „Sherlocks“ here and around the world – might be helping us:

      I was informed that Brice Robin – the French prosecutor in this case – dropped a real bombshell during his latest Press Conference on April 2, 2015 in Marseille! But, unfortunatelly there’s no video from that event to be found anywhere! Allegedly he said that there has been a direct witness of the crash – and that was the French fighter pilot in his Mirage 2000C who was scrambled from the EC 2/5 at the Orange-Caritat AB to intercept the rogue plane!

      Now we know that other witnesses on ground saw three fighters in the air shortly after the crash. So, up to my oppinion there was a patrouilling formation of two fighters airborne already and the Mirage from 115 did mereley join them!

      Who will find that COMPLETE video of that PC in Marseille first? or – at least – a complete transcript?


      Gefällt 1 Person

  4. Worth putting up again for anyone that did not catch the fakery first time around of 4U-9525’s ‚cockpit recorder‘.
    Germanwings Flight 4U9525 Airbus A320 Black Box Crash Audio Recording D APIX Andreas Lubitz [1:00]
    Germanwings Airbus A320 Crash Audio Recording.

    Strange how the cockpit speech recorder survived & was ‚found‘, but the Flight Data Recorder, from the rear (?) of the ‚plane is amazingly missing; maybe it catapulted itself all the way into Switzerland. Any sign of recent damage to the Vatican? No disrespect intended to any Knights or Gnomes similarly affected.

    Anyone perplexed by Captain Patrick Sonderheimer’s failure to remember the correct cockpit re-entry protocol? Perhaps Lufthansa might consider tempting Rebekah ‚Methodical Illusion‘ Roth out of retirement for some much needed advice on how cabin crew could have properly responded to such a far-fetched fairytale, suitable only for the over-busy, the uncritical & the lack-of-cognitive-function couch-potatoheads. No disrespect to potatoes or couches intended.

    Gefällt 1 Person

    • Well, meanwhile they found the 2nd BB and I am sure its data will „confirm“ the official Conspiracy Theorie of the lonely nut with suicidal tendencies. I am sure there exist a lot of possibilities to spoof the readouts – the simpliest would be a NEW dataset made of the readings of a predetermined ride on a simulator. So you may present the now found BB and beef the whole thing up together with the new, fabricated data from the flight simulator. Me thinks that was the reason why they had to dump the other BB (disappering chips), as it is far more difficult to produce two fake consistent datasets instead of only one.

      The crucical smoking gun will be the ground speed of the A320, along with the correct procedure with the angle of the flaps, as it is merely impossible to achieve ground speeds of 700 km/h (378 kn, or 435 mph) due to air resistance. C’mon – reported at 6800 Ft (2072 Meter) THAT speed? Who needs fighter jets, if someone can achieve this with a normal passenger plane? Sounds more as a fresh case of „OTO-Pilot“ than autopilot…


      PS: That video you posted above was clearly debunked as a FAKE, as I have elaborated on „8UNG“ (the daily FS3-show, see link in bar on top) already…

      Gefällt 1 Person

  5. Airbus Reinforced Cockpit Door Description and Procedure [5:32]

    Alps plane crash: How to keep someone out of the cockpit.
    26 March 2015 Last updated at 14:47 GMT.
    Note how the BBC has edited the contained 1″ vid. Tavistock Institute must be very busy these days.


    Germanwings crash video ‚must be handed to investigators‘.
    Contains vid. of 2:28 length. with spokesman Carsten Spohr, head of Lufthansa (‚Guild of the Wing‘) & Thomas Winkelmann, chief executive of Germanwings. „We know the burden that has been put on this area, where nothing is the same anymore.“
    „We will do everything we can to turn this place into a place of mourning for relatives of the victims, and to restore this beautiful countryside.“


    Gefällt 1 Person

  6. Some further pieces of information that will help overturn the conspiring cabal’s crappily crafted cheating canoe…

    After 9/11, changes were made to the security of cockpits in an effort to make hijackings more difficult. According to the US Federal Aviation Administration, doors should typically be tough enough to withstand a grenade blast. They are usually left locked throughout the flight.

    Cockpit security systems are supposed to allow a pilot the ability to access the cockpit. But access can be deliberately denied from within the cockpit.

    Cockpit doors on an Airbus – according to this video understood to have been produced by the company – have three modes that are operated from the pilots‘ seats: unlock, normal, lock.

    In the event of whoever is in the cockpit being incapacitated there is a touchpad that will allow cabin crew who know the code to enter.

    In „normal“ mode the cockpit is locked but can be accessed – after a 30-second delay – by touchpad should the cabin crew get no response from inside.

    „Unlocked“ mode is what a pilot would use to open the door for a colleague returning from the toilet.

    „Locked“ means the locking mechanism ignores the touchpad entry code and remains locked for five minutes (it can be repeated). It’s easy to see how this would be used to prevent hijackers who have managed to get hold of the code from cabin crew from entering the cockpit.

    Some planes may have a screen to tell the pilots who is outside the cockpit door.

    If a pilot is unable to access the cockpit, it suggests that his colleague has denied entry.

    There is also the question of how many people must be in the cockpit at any one time. Flight attendant Heather Poole tweeted: „In the US a flight attendant always goes into the cockpit whenever a pilot takes a break/leaves.“

    In contrast, Germanwings cockpit protocols are in line with rules established by the German aviation safety authority, the Luftfahrt Bundesamt. This dictates that when there are two crew, one can leave the cockpit – but only for the absolute minimum time.

    Gefällt mir

  7. Sorry I don’t speak German. However, I am the guest interviewed above and I’d love to be put in touch with legal counsel for Lubitz/Germanwings/Lufthansa. I am the America pilot who was called to Malaysia to explain MH370 last year. You can find info on YouTube [ Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot ] and also at our website: abeldanger.net https://www.abeldanger.org/

    Gefällt 1 Person

  8. My third & final message for you this morning dear Farsight, is an illustration of the ATI (Automatic Tranquil Infusion) System:

    May I reiterate on behalf of everyone engaged in the fight for justice on both sides of the Atlantic how grateful we are for any assistance that you may be able to give in reaching out to Andreas’s family & friends. We wish you Godspeed.

    Gefällt mir

  9. Additionally, dear Farsight, I include for your listening pleasure (if you are able to understand English well enough & I sincerely hope that you or one of your associates do!) an interview that Captain McConnell had with the redoubtable Patrick Henningsen of 21stcenturywire fame, just this past weekend:
    Field McConnell on Germanwings Flight 9525 · Sunday Wire 3-29-2015 [1:32:35]

    Published on Mar 29, 2015.
    Episode #78 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘The Friendly Skies’, host Patrick Henningsen with guest Field McConnell.


    Gefällt mir

  10. Dear Farsight, on behalf of Field McConnell, I am requesting your help in reaching out to the family of the unjustly & outrageously maligned Andreas Lubitz. If I were in Germany I would attempt this myself.
    We sincerely believe, as you do yourself, that Andreas is completely innocent; that 4U-9525 was ‚downed‘ by an outside agency which has again employed (hackable) anti-hijacking technology, i.e. Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Auto-Pilot (BHUAP) – https://www.google.com/patents/US6845302 – & the Automatic Tranquil Infusion (ATI) system.
    Please excuse me for writing to you in English. I hope that you are able to translate this sufficiently well.
    If you are able to assist, then there are a great many people who would be extremely grateful.

    Gefällt 1 Person

    • Dear Antony, Field McConnell,

      I appreciate your comments as I have been studying your impressive work on that topic for many years. I think there was some foul play included as well. Could it be that one ore more members from the hit team onboard left the plane shortly before the crash? After all there were some „interesting“ individuals on FL9525, see my part 1, adding the Pilot himself. The „leaked“ tape from the alleged voice recorder might have been a deliberate fabrication if you take into consideration how fast its results were presented to the public. Up to my oppinion Lubitz is clearly a patsy.

      I’ll try to do my best in that case and will keep you informed via mail.


      Gefällt mir

    • Danke, das FS3 hat mehrere Hypothesen zu dem Vorfall, die allesamt wahrscheinlicher scheinen, als die in nullkommirgendwas aufgetischten Allerweltsplätze. Nach dem Trümmerfeld zu urteilen wurde die Maschine hw. abgeschossen. Doch genau wieso, wäre die Frage. Und – wissen sie vielleicht die Identität des Kapitäns?


      Gefällt 3 Personen


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